b'HATCHINGHOPE IN INDIA DURINGTHE COVID CRISISPoultry Producers Increase Their Food Securityand Build Resilience Amid Challenging Conditions By AMELODY LEE JACOBI, INDIA CONTINUES TO CONTEND WITH World Ark editor-in-chiefCOUNTLESS CORONAVIRUS CASES stressing an overwhelmed health system. Its a worsening Photos by PRANAB K. AICH crisis compounded by infectious new variants of COVID-19, a slow vaccine rollout and a critical countrywide shortage of medical supplies on top of already fragile and impoverished conditions. The economic impact of the pandemic has been particularly devastating. As a result, rural communities are especially dependent on their own production, PAKISTAN CHINA making the most of their poultry businesses and NEPAL kitchen gardens to ensure a sustainable income to New Delhi support their families during the pandemic.Hatching Hope India, part of Heifer International INDIA and Cargills Hatching Hope Global Initiative, has laid Odisha the foundation for women smallholder farmers in Odisha, India to become self-sufficient. The program provides training, technical support and small loans to women who would otherwise struggle to find BAY OFemployment, helping them to become entrepreneurs.BENGAL In the following pages we share their stories of Janaki Soren feeds and waters her chicken flock indetermination and hard work. Madhuria Village, India. We are inspired, and we think you will be too. HEIFER.ORG |5'