b'Celebrate the Holidaysof a Joy As you bundle up this1 500 hare ofholiday season, think$ ,S y$ 150about giving the gift of Jowith Heifers Share Joy to the World for a Alice and George worked hard their$ 500 Heifer $50 TO THE family in need.This bountiful gift provides families with two sheep, four whole lives, but their dairy farm still struggled.WO R L D goats, one heifer and two alpacas. The animals provide The income they earned from selling milk wasmuch-needed food and milk, wool for blankets and clothing, not enough to make ends meet, and theyand rich fertilizer for their crops. The gift of Joy to the needed help. World gives hungry families nourishment and empowers them to become self-reliantall while promoting positive Their luck changed when Alice joined a Heifergrowth in their communities for generations to come.cooperative to sell their milk for a better price than she was getting herself. And Heifer taught Alice better ways to nourish her cows.Woolly SheepShare of aThe cows began to produce more milk, and$ 10 eep$ 10now their farm is thriving! Alice shares her2 Shknowledge with other farmers, which has improved her neighbors farms, too. Now AliceAt Christmastime, we cuddle in a wool and George have an active and busy dairyblanket in front of the fire. The sheep that farm, increased milk production, and theyprovide warm, soft wool can also give recently added chickens, goats and fruit trees.a family the help they need to survive.Alice feeds one of her dairy cows. Did you know?Families can sell wool for income or turn Join theFor many of us, a favorite Christmas traditionit into clothes for an even greater profit.is putting out milk and cookies for Santa. conversation Children feel a magical connection to St. Nick.Sheep often give birth to twins or triplets, After reading all the ways that a heiferandso a family can quickly grow their flock.Follow Heifer International on Facebookthe milk she producescan help a strugglingSoon this family will be able to Pass on and get involved in the conversation oncommunity, we translated that tradition into athe Gift by giving offspring to friendsways to help end hunger and poverty. way to help a family like Alices. We made theand neighbors.gift when we discovered: Thomas will never forget the day he receivedA single dairy cow makes more than fourthe gift of sheep in Senegal. Now his farm is gallons of milk a day. flourishing, and he can send his children to school. The protein and nutrient-rich milk nourishes hungry children, and extra milk can be soldVolunteerto pay for food, medicine and school. A cow can produce a calf every year. Soon with Heiferfamilies can share their gift to help their neighbors lift themselves out of poverty. Do you want to help end hunger and Your gift of a heifer today will provide poverty? Learn about our volunteer families with the gifts of food, healthprograms at Heifer.org/Volunteer.and hope this holiday.18 TO ORDER YOUR GIFT CALL 855.848.6437 HEIFER.ORG/WORLDARK/CATALOG 19'