b'Gift A NA R K $ 5, 00 Food Basket $ 200Your generous gift goes right to work supporting HeifersThe COVID-19 pandemic caused a entire mission. Each family who receives livestock fromfood harvest and distribution crisis on a The Heifer Gift Arkyour Gift Ark will Pass on the Gift of one or more of thescale weve never seen before. Tragically, offers hope worldwideanimals offspring to other families who are in need in theirthe number of people living in hungerto families who arecommunity. has DOUBLED.poor and hungry. An opportunity for you, or a great challenge for yourMany rural farmers are still cut offcompany, civic group, club or congregation. Every gift willfrom markets where they used to sellmultiply for years to come. What a wonderful way to bringtheir products and earn the income they joy to the world. need to feed their families. And many urban communities depended on those markets to obtain the nutritious food for The their own families. GiftArkOur team in the field came up with a solution thats working: Food Baskets.includes: 2 Cows 2 Oxen 2 Sheep Agri-ambulances collect produce from farmers who cant access markets, bundle their goods into Food Baskets, and deliver them directly to the homes of hungry families. This is all done in a wayHeifer accompanies agroecological that is safe for everyone.producers throughout the process of family The Food Baskets are so successful thatagriculture programs, from planting to the program has been extended into adistribution of products in main cities.2 Pigs 2 Water Buffalo 2 Beehives 2 Goats long-term answer to hunger. Each basket helps build a sustainable food system that delivers food and hope. Your gift of a Food Basket will connect rural farmers with their urban neighbors and help them deliver nutritious food, including fresh produce, honey and dairy. 2 Trios of Rabbits 2 Trios of Ducks 2 Trios of Guinea Pigs 2 Flocks of Geese This gift will feed a hungry family and help our hardworking farmers continue to earn money. Give the gift of healthy food and reliable income with this very special Food Basket.2 Flocks of Chicks Community Animal Vet Kit 2 Alpacas 2 Schools of Fish22 TO ORDER YOUR GIFT CALL 855.848.6437 HEIFER.ORG/WORLDARK/CATALOG 23'