b'S TOC K I Stuffers The idea behind Heifer . is similar to the notion NG that its better to teach a man to fish so he can feed himself than to give him a fish that will feed him just once. One animal could eventually benefit Santa visits children all around the world an entire community. and knows that many children are in desperate need of more than just toys and games. The Associated PressThats why these stocking stuffers provide less fortunate children with lifesaving nutrition and offer unique opportunities to teach your little ones about the true meaning of Christmas.$ 30 $ 50SHARE SHARE A HEIFER A GOAT Heifer shares are popular yearGoats provide milk,HONEYBEES $ 20 after year. They give a familycheese and butterSweeten Christmas morningmilk for years to come.for nourishment. with a gift of bees that will provide delicious honey. FOOD BASKETA basket of food connects$ 10 farmers to hungry families.FRIENDS HEIFER Become a Friend of$ 20$ 20 Heifer. Multiply your impact and make a monthly gift. SHAREFlock Chicks AN ALPACAThese fluffy chicks will soon grow $ 10 per Alpaca wool can be dyed month and used to make blankets to provide the daily gift of eggs. and ponchos.26 TO ORDER YOUR GIFT CALL 855.848.6437 HEIFER.ORG/WORLDARK/CATALOG 27'