b'Honeybee Farm If you want to make a dramatic impact $ 2,500 The gift of a in the fight against hunger and poverty,Cleanthis may bee the perfect gift! Bees are known for the delicious, nutritious honey they produce. But bees can give families You might call Edith Queen Bee. honeybee farm truly iseven more. Your gift of a honeybee farmWAT E Rcan turn a hungry familys struggle into a She is one of just six women in a 54-memberthe sweetest gift! lifetime of prosperity and hope. beekeeping cooperative in SoutheasternDid you know. $ 00Mexico. Bees produce everything from sweet3When Edith first attended a talk with ahoney to eat and sell, to beeswax Heifer technician, a man questioned whygoods like candles, which can be soldMillions of people around the Heifer would teach women at all!for income. world still lack access to clean But Edith wanted the chance to work hardBees pollinate plants, which helpsdrinking water.to support her family. Without beekeeping,families grow even more crops. WithIn some communities, water she had no other options. She talked withbees, farmers can see some of theiris scarce. In others, it is the other women in the group and decidedharvests of fruits and vegetablescontaminated. Fortunately, to stick with the program.double or even triple. Heifer has solutions to both Together, they learned carpentry to buildBees are critical to our environment asproblems.beehives and worked with the cooperativepollinatorsmany animals and plantsHeifer helps many families install to gain organic certification, which increaseddepend on them to survive, so your gifttreadle pumps, practice water the price of their products and helped themof a honeybee farm will help the Earth. conservation and use organic eliminate expensive middlemen. Now theyYour life-changing gift of a honeybeefertilizers to protect drinking can invest profits back into the business andfarm includes 10 beehives, materials andwater to improve their health.grow their farms. lessons for building the hives, training Ediths success as a honeybee farmer isin beekeeping (playing music or talking transforming her life and her entire village.Edith in an apiary she managessoftly to the bees can minimize stinging), With Heifers help, Edith learned beekeepingwith other members of hermarketing education to sell honey practices and broke down barriers for othercooperative. and beeswax, and local cooperative women. She and her daughter now care foropportunities to secure better prices and a thriving farm of honeybee hives!a bigger voice in the market. It truly is the sweetest gift! Kesar enjoys a cup of waterat her home thanks to giftsof Clean Water.34 TO ORDER YOUR GIFT CALL 855.848.6437 HEIFER.ORG/WORLDARK/CATALOG 35'