b'Wrap Up a 250Share of 5 Milk The gift of a Milk Menagerie represents aaal ater quality-breed heifer, two goats and a water $Bu W o$ 2 buffalo four milk-producing animals that Water Buffaloff provide hard-working families with the resources MEN AG E R I E to provide better lives for their children.Growing up desperately poor andAlong with training for recipient families, each without an education, Basmati marriedanimal in the Milk Menagerie will produce gallon young. Out on their own, she and1000 Share of Milk after gallon of wonderful, life-sustaining milk that her husband continued to struggle$ ,enagerie$ 100 can be sold or turned into cheese and yogurt. as they tried to farm the land. TheM Plus, each animals offspring will multiply your crops they grew were meager.impact even further through Passing on the Gift.Once they had children it was even harder. They only had rice to eat and couldnt afford clothes or shoes.Then Basmati was connected with HeiferAlpacas and enhanced their small farm of crops with a unique animal. She learned to breed water buffalo and care for them so they would thrive. Basmati earnedBandana with herGiving the gift of an alpaca and training money by having her water buffalo plowfamilys water buffalo. in its care offers a unique way to honor that other farmers fields, and was able tosomeone on your holiday shopping list who improve her familys small farmandsimply has everything. At home in rough, their lives. Today, thanks to thosemountainous areas of Latin America, alpacas water buffalo, her children are goingare a blessing to families with limited resources.to school, the entire family is eatingAlpacas provide invaluable sources of income better, and Basmati is enjoying a feelingand wool, which is prized for making blankets,$ 300she has rarely known before: hope. ponchos, carpet and rope. Plus, their soft f ting PairMafeet and unique grazing methods mean theyoAlpacas paca$ 150live harmoniously in their fragile Andean Single Alenvironment and help our project familiesShare of an Alpaca$ 20Send greetings from your family to a familypreserve their limited resources.in need with the gift of a water buffalo this holiday season.Join our team In poor communities, water buffalo provide When you volunteer with Heifer,draft power for planting rice and potatoesDid you know?and manure for fertilizer and fuel. A farmer you play a significant role incan plant four times more rice with a water changing the lives of millions ofbuffalo than by handgenerating addedAlpaca fiber is almost three times people around the world. Thereincome to use for clothing, medicine, schoolwarmer than sheep or any other are amazing opportunities toand improvements to their home. kind of wool. Shop fair trade for put your talents to work atYour gift of a water buffalo and training in itssustainable alpaca holiday gifts. Heifer.org/Volunteer. care can lead a hungry family out of poverty and give them a chance for a bright futureMichaels family now can spin alpaca wool filled with hope and free from hunger. into yarn to sell at market in Ecuador.32 TO ORDER YOUR GIFT CALL 855.848.6437 HEIFER.ORG/WORLDARK/CATALOG 33'