b'6 WAYS HEIFER INDIAMAKING ANTIBACTERIAL2HANDWASH WITH HOMEGROWN TURMERIC AND NEEMPROMOTES BIOSECURITY Turmeric, the vivid spice that brings a zip of flavor and distinctive yellow-orange hue to culinary dishes, is grown widely among the people of Mayurbhanj, the largest district of By AIME KNIGHT, World Ark writer Odisha, India. Many families use or consume turmeric raw, boiled or dried because of its AMID A NATIONAL MEDICINE SHORTAGE, Heifer India farmers are turning toanti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal low-cost alternatives for preventing disease. Where there are livestock, there areproperties.pathogensand a risk of disease. Biosecurity is of critical importance to preventDue to the acute shortage of sterilizing the spread of disease and keep people and their animals healthy.products, Hatching Hope India promotes the use of these natural alternatives. Turmeric is often combined with the herb neem to create But what is it exactly? disinfecting hand-washing liquid. Like turmeric, Biosecurity is a set of behavioral policies and preventive measures designed toneem serves as a strong antimicrobial, said to protect animals, people and plants from contracting and transmitting infectiousbe effective against several types of bacteria, diseases. Taking biosecurity seriously minimizes the spread of zoonotic diseasesviruses and fungi. infectious diseases that are caused by germs that spread between animals andWhile turmeric is used both topically and people. Heifer poultry farmers in India are utilizing innovative, inexpensive, locallyfor consumption purposes, neem is used as a sourced solutions to combat this threat for farmer and livestock alike. surface disinfectant and to fumigate household premises, noted Gaurisha Malhotra, senior communications officer for Heifer India.1 KILLING GERMS WITH3 STAVING OFF DISEASE QUICKLIME WITH POTASSIUM Quicklime, or calcium oxide, is a whitePERMANGANATE crystalline substance widely used as a FOOTBATHSlow-cost disinfectant. Potassium permanganate is a It generally may be scattered aboutpurplish-black crystalline salt yards or lots or swept over concrete floorsthat, when dissolved in water, for disinfecting, said Heifer India Seniorcreates a disinfecting solution. Program Manager Sushmita Parai, whoThese baths work similarly to added lime is one of the least expensivethe dry quicklime footbaths.disinfectants and is effective around livestock. A solution of potassium Hatching Hope India promotes lime use bypermanganate is made in a small its farmers, who sprinkle it on mats to createpit, and anyone entering the dry disinfectant footbaths. To protect eggshatchery unit is asked to dip their and chicks in hatcheries, anyone entering orfeet in the solution, keep them exiting the enclosure wipes their footwear there for a couple of seconds and in lime.then proceed further, Malhotra Traveling between poultry farms increasessaid. Maintaining biosecurity the potential for diseases spreading, so Heiferaround hatching units is staffers driving tuk-tuks, Indias taxi equivalentimperative for the safety of eggs in rural areas, dust their vehicles wheels inand chicks.lime before they head to another village.Lime-coated wheels stave off pathogens that could travel between disparate locations.12| HOLIDAY 2021 HEIFER.ORG |13'