b'Gift of a Goat10 hare of a AG I R Send O O LJit cant remember a time when her life$2 S oat $10 G wasnt hard. She didnt have the money to buy her children medicine when they were sick.LTOS C HTragically, her infant son died because she couldnt afford the medical care he needed. With no money, Jit couldnt keep her family healthy and safe.Jumma is a talented student $ 75Jit hoped to provide her family with a futuresomething she may never have2free from illness and hunger, and thankfully had the opportunity to be without she found Heifer and the support of people Heifer. She is becoming quite the like you.teacher, too. Like so many other Heifer gave Jit the opportunity to turn her lifewomen from poor villages in around. She received two goats and learnedRajasthan, India, Jummas mother, how to care for them. The goats flourished, andPanchu Devi, never had a chance Jit was able to sell one for much-needed money.to learn how to read and write. Heifer formed a local cooperative of other goatBut Jumma is teaching her.farmers and she became its leader, negotiatingEveryone used to say that we better prices for their goats, and they allJit, her son Him Nath, and should try it, and I also felt I prospered. Jit and her family have a healthier,granddaughter Kanchan with their goats. should learn how to write, says happier future thanks to her hard workandPanchu.Now, I can write the the gift of goats from Heifer. names of all my children, she says, As you hang your stockings with love thisbeaming with pride.Christmas, consider filling one with a gift that Did you know? can change a life. The best gift you can giveThanks to gifts of livestock andSisters Rameshwari and Jumma study on Christmas morning is one that helps atraining, parents like Panchu are little girl or boy on the other side of the world.able to send their daughtersGoats milk is more nutrient denseThats the gift of a goat. to school. together thanks to the gifts of education than cows milk. Shop your localfrom generous donors like you.farmers market for goat products A goat provides nutritious milk every day.to try for yourself.Families can sell milk, cheese or yogurtfor extra income. Goat manure can fertilize farms and Planttrees!help produce more food.And because goats often have two or threeNot only are they great for the kids a year, Heifer families like Jits can liftenvironment, but trees also count themselves out of poverty by starting smallas major self-care to improve your cooperatives that earn money for food, healthmental health.care and education.What a wonderful way to honor someone special in your life this holiday season.16 TO ORDER YOUR GIFT CALL 855.848.6437 HEIFER.ORG/WORLDARK/CATALOG 17'