b'4 BOOSTING CHICKEN HEALTH WITH VACCINATIONS AND DEWORMINGHealthier flocks mean more farmers earn a living income. Because chickens are susceptible to avian diseases, Heifer trains community members to provide affordable animal health services like vaccinations and deworming. These community vaccinators earn an income of their own, while carrying out vital, disease-preventing measures.In the last year alone, the number of Hatching Hope India producers vaccinating their birds increased from 30% to 85%, and those deworming their birds increased from 15% to 88%.PROMOTING5MASKS AND SOCIAL DISTANCINGEven before COVID-19 hurtled disease prevention concerns to a prominent position in all our lives, Heifer India was taking it seriously.We have been promoting use of personal protective equipment such as masks, foot covers and disinfectants among our community members long before it became mandatory due to the spread of [the] coronavirus, Malhotra said.After the pandemic hit, producers integrated increased biosecurity measures like social distancing into their daily routines.6 CONDUCTING BEST PRACTICE AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS Traveling between villages in a tuk-tuk with lime-dusted wheels, Hatching Hope India employees conducted widespread awareness sessions with community members.Driving vehicles adorned with large informational posters and outfitted with loudspeakers, Heifer employees promoted the benefits of improved backyard poultry management practicesincluding disease-preventing biosecurity measures.14| HOLIDAY 2021'