b'Beehive Benefactor $ 30 Water $ 750Alex struggled to make a reliable income from beekeeping. Each beekeeperF O RL I F Ein his tiny town in Mexico worked alone, and no one made a steady profit.Then Heifer taught them to join togetherClean water is rare in Africasin a beekeeping cooperative. Alex and hisSahel region, where it rains only neighbors gained both the expert trainingfour months out of the year.on how to manage a hive, and the skills toFamilies wake well before dawn and market their honey to sell. Today, Alex ownstravel long distances to haul waterthe hives used by the 50-person cooperative.back home. This chore is typicallyWorking together and sharing their skills,left to women and young girls, which they help each other earn a steady livingkeeps them from going to school. Often thanks to bees. We help each other andthe only water they can find is unsafe that is money we can save because weand unsanitary. Now Heifer is changing dont need to hire other people, says Alex. all that by building solar-powered wells that bring life-sustaining water right to families own backyards.Thats just one way your Water for Life Save the bees gift can help Heifer bring life-givingOpshora and Ambia water to those in need. demonstrate their water pump.Put a shallow container of waterin your garden so bees have a Marys family used to depend on the place to rehydrate. polluted water from far-off swamps and unprotected wells in Malawi. Now, thanks to her communitys new Heifer wells, clean water is just minutes away. Heifer apiarian technician With more crops being watered, her Christmas is a time to give help to thoseManuel (left) helps Alex open one familys farm income has increased in need. So many of us have so much, andof his beehives to harvest honey.tremendously. The water keeps us we want to share our Christmas cheer, sohealthy, Mary marvels.what better choice than the gift of bees? By spreading the gift of clean water Your generous gift of bees, a box andA beehive through a gift of a solar-poweredhive, and training in beekeeping will helpwell, water kiosks, or irrigation systems, beekeepers like Alex earn income through thecan be a boost your Heifer donation can help more sale of honey and beeswax. Plus, beehivesfamilies.can as much as double some fruit andto a whole village.vegetable yields through natural pollination.20 TO ORDER YOUR GIFT CALL 855.848.6437 HEIFER.ORG/WORLDARK/CATALOG 21'