b'Provide a Pig $ 10 hare of Biogas Stoves 2S g$ 10a PiThe most special part of Christmas is spending time with familygathering around the table, sharing a meal, playingF O RAV I L L AG Egames, opening gifts. This time refreshesand connects us. Your gift of a pig and training in its care will help nourish ahungry family and help them enjoy theirtime together with a new sense of hope. For many families in the places$ 000and Martn: gathering firewood by hand for fo a Village ,The gift of a pig provided Modesta where Heifer works ,cooking requiresBiogas Stoves 1hours each day. Burning firewoodrcontributes to smoke filled homes, Gift of a Biogas Stove $50A valuable source of protein which negatively impacts the health Income from the sale of offspring of everyone in the home. Gathering Natural fertilizer to nourish crops and soil firewood also leads to deforestation affecting the climate.Pigs need little land and can thrive on cropHowever, a biogas stove efficiently and garden scraps. And since a sow canruns off methane gas captured from provide up to 16 piglets a year, many moreanimal waste. It saves time spent on families will soon benefit as your gift isMartn and Modestas grandsons passed on. Edgar and Juan are going to schoolforaging for fuel and helps families thanks to the gift of a pig. prepare food more easily with a clean, reliable heat source.You can help a Heifer family purchase a biogas stove. Or you can help a whole village by purchasing 20.Martn and Modesta no longer have to worry about when their next meal will be, and they can hope for the future. Help save Atto cooks using a gasthe Earth heater fed by her familys biogas system, which runs Install solar panels to youron cow manure.property and take a big step to combat climate change.30 TO ORDER YOUR GIFT CALL 855.848.6437 HEIFER.ORG/WORLDARK/CATALOG 31'