b'Hope The Hope Basket, with chickens and rabbits, offers just that to Heifers project participants.BASK E T Rabbits are easy to care for and reproduce quickly, allowing their owners to sell the offspring for extra income once theyve fulfilled Heifers Passing on the Gift promise. Chickens lay eggs What can be more and provide manure for vegetable gardens. This hopeful to a strugglinggift of hope goes on and on, lasting$ 0farmer than a gift of much longer and helping more families5fast-multiplying livestock? than the usual gift basket ever could.Flock of ChicksJuana understands hard work.Having started work at the tender age of 6, she almost always worked long, grueling hourseven after she was married. Despite her and her husbands best efforts they still struggled to give their children the most basic food. They often went hungry and whenever a child became sick they had to choose between paying for medicine or food, because they couldnt afford both. Juana knew things had to change. But because I did not go to school, I didnt know how to begin, she says. Thankfully, Heifer was there to get Juana startedwith a gift of 65 chickens. Juana learned how to care for the birds and run an egg business. Today, Juanas familyJuana (right) holds a has plenty of eggs to eat, as well as to sell for income.chicken while her daughter Gone are the days of having to choose between food,Fatima holds some eggs.medicine and school. Did you know?$ 20 Chicken eggs contain choline,which helps with brain development. Buy local and make eggs part of your breakfast.HEIFER.ORG/WORLDARK/CATALOG 15'