b'table of contentsSpecial Holiday FEATURE ARTICLESG I F T I S S U E 0415 HOPE BASKET 22 GIFT ARK 30 PIGS INDIA: HATCHING Give the gift that lasts longerBe an Ark Angel by givingPigs make the perfect present. HOPE DESPITETHE COVID CRISISthan the usual gift basketa Heifer Gift Ark to offerPoultry producers are ever could. hope worldwide. 31 BIOGAS STOVE building resilience Help families prepare food easilyby facing recent 15 CHICKS 23 FOOD BASKET with a clean, reliable heat source. challenges head-on.Give a friend a flock of chicks. Connect rural farmerswith their urban neighbors32 WATER BUFFALO16 GOATS and help them deliverSend greetings from your family36When you givenutritious food. to a family in need with thea goat, yougift of a water buffalo. GALPAGOS: change a life. 25 MATING PAIRTURNING THE TIDE OF CATTLE TOWARD FOOD 17 SEND A GIRLThis gift of a matingSOVEREIGNTYTO SCHOOL pair of cattle is twice Farmers are fortifying GIFT CATALOG Help a girl chooseas nice. their food system for Holiday Giving Guide! her own future. their islands future.In this special issue26 STOCKING 18 HEIFERS STUFFERSof World Ark, wereHoliday shopping starts Offer unique opportunities33 MILK MENAGERIE 42giving you pages ofwith heifers. to teach your little ones gift options that willabout the true meaningHelp provide four milk- ASKED & change the world. 19 JOY TO THE WORLDof Christmas. producing animals to families. ANSWEREDThe gift of Joy to the WorldDr. Devon Mihesuah (Begins on Page 15)gives hungry families28 FRIENDS OF HEIFER 33 ALPACAS on reconnecting with nourishment and empowersSpread the Christmas spiritThis holiday, choose thewhats on our plates.them to become self-reliant. all year long by becomingallure of alpacas.a Friend of Heifer.19 SHEEP 34 HONEYBEE FARMShare the shear joy ofGive farmers a bigger voice sheep with your family. in the market by purchasing a Honeybee Farm.20 HONEYBEES COVERBee sweet this holiday35 CLEAN WATER Aarti Nandan with the gift of bees.Help families install treadleKisk, with one pumps and practice waterof her familys 21 WATER FOR LIFE 29 SEEDS conservation. goats in India.A gift of a solar-poweredOne handful of seedsPhoto by Olivier well or irrigation system willcan plant prosperity for48 BEST SELLERS Asselingive more families accessthe families you help. Our most popular gifts.to life-sustaining water.2| HOLIDAY 2021 HEIFER.ORG |3'