b'Get YourHeifer StickerToday! horizonsPHOTO BY SUR A J SHAHShow everyone that youre committed toending hunger and poverty with Heifer.Pierre Ferrari, center, with women from the Milansar Cooperative during a recent visit to project sites in Nepal. Visit Heifer.org/Sticker to getDear Determined Humanitarians,Earlier this year, I informed the staff at HeiferMost recently, I spent time with communities your sticker today! International that I will retire as president and CEOin Nepal who are building strong businesses, at the end of September. In the months following,like the Bihani Dairy Cooperative featured in this we have all worked together to plan for a smoothissue. I also visited trainee community agrovet transition, ensuring Heifers life-changing workentrepreneurs who are learning how to keep around the world continues uninterrupted. animals healthy, and toured collection centers As I reflect on my last 12 years with Heifer, Iveand other infrastructure that enable smallholder been reminded of the words of our founder, Danfarmers to sell their products and capture moreWest, who realized that families needed more thanof the value.short-term reliefnot a cup, but a cow.While we have modified our approach in the This call to action and the scaled impact offace of setbacks like the COVID-19 pandemic, Passing on the Gift draw many people to Heifer.our core work of community cohesion and As we face an increasingly volatile and uncertainsustainable development remains the same. world, we stay true to Dans vision of strongTwo driving principles in our model are gender communities, peace and prosperity.equity and improved animal and resource Over the years, we have learned that creatingmanagementboth are showcased in this issue.an enabling environment for change requiresI am proud to see the progress in the laying the foundation for personal transformation.communities Heifer supports and of the people Our community development approach (For thewho make it happen. While I am retiring from my Record, pg. 6) remains at the heart of our projectsrole at Heifer, I will remain a great supporter and and programs, and we continue to supportchampion of the organization.communities and cooperatives so they can beThank you for your continued support. We agents of their own change.appreciate your commitment to our shared Thanks to you and our talented teams aroundmission of ending hunger and poverty.the world, millions of smallholder farmers and their families now have sustainable sources ofYours for a better world,food and income and are living lives free from hunger and poverty.During my time at Heifer, I have seen this Pierre U. Ferrariwork in action many times.@HeiferCEOHEIFER INTERNATIONAL|1 WORLD AVENUE|LITTLE ROCK, AR 72202 888.548.6437|INFO@HEIFER.ORG|HEIFER.ORG/STICKERHEIFER.ORG |1'