b'asked & answered INCLUSIVE AGRICULTURETheres Room for Everyone: Heifers Ranch Manager on Women in FarmingInterview by Aime Knight, World Ark writerAround the world, and across Heifer Internationals projects, women are at the helm of farming enterprises. As mothers, as entrepreneurs, as community leaders, female farmers are caring for land and livestock alike, strengthening local food systems with nutritious produce and earning an income for themselves and their families.In the United States, women make up 36% of the countrys farmersand their contributions in the agricultural sector are anything but small, says Donna Kilpatrick, land steward andranch manager of Heifer Ranch, a 1,200-acre expanse of farmlandin Perryville, Arkansas. The Ranch provides smallholder farmers with training to expand their enterprises and earn a fair price for their products. And, as a pioneer in her field, Donna led the Ranch to become a Savory Hub in 2021, making it a best-in-class teaching center on regenerative agriculturea method of farming that replenishes the ecosystem and promotes biodiversity with a focus on healthy soil.Donna also manages all-women livestock and horticulture teams at the Ranch, proving skill and know-how in the field arent bound by gender. 16| SUMMER 2022'