b'Chandni takes a break from studying to visit with her mentor, Chhoti. Through gender training, the motive is to help individuals identify discrimination and violence. They are able to reflect that what they had accepted as traditionand community practice is actually rooted in discrimination. NIMISHA BHAGAWATY, HEIFER INDIA PROGRAM OFFICERIts an especially prevalent problem in Bihar, whereWith a strong desire to fulfill her ambitions, she started to two out of every five girls marry before they turn 18.prepare for NEET, Indias biggest competitive examination Most people dont believe that there is any need to getto pursue a career in medicine. When in-person classes [girls] educated, Chandni added. Those [girls] who arestalled during COVID-19, she started taking lessons from confined in these four walls, ask them how suffocatingYouTube videos. To further her learning, she purchased a it feels. Sending them to school instead, Chandnisubscription for an online learning platformnot letting argues, would enhance both their personal potentialany roadblocks prevent her from reaching her goals. and their familys financial situation.After watching Chandni follow her dreams, other Chandni did not want to hold herself back. Inspiredyoung girls in her neighborhood also decided to complete by Chhotis work addressing these issues and leadingtheir education, against all odds. The community is now conversations on equal opportunities for women andseeing budding female police and army officers, sports girls, Chandni decided to pursue her dream. coaches and diplomats. I want to become a doctor, she shared. SomeThe spark of potential Chhoti has lit as a community years back, I went for an ultrasound checkup becausetrainer is now spreading like wildfire, blazing the spirits of a stomachache. There, I observed how inadequateof girls and women and encouraging them to overcome medical facilities are [in villages]. Women dont even getsocial barriers and biases. They now carry dreams, a sound consultation during pregnancy. That is when Iwarrior within to fight for themselves and hope for adecided to become a doctor and serve my people. better tomorrow.n14| SUMMER2022'