b'TOPDonna holding I do feel likeperennial cool season plants: regenerativeclover, hairy vetch and fescue agriculture isgrass. BOTTOM RIGHTnot only moreSome of the animals raised welcoming, butregeneratively on Heifer Ranch, its more inclusiveincluding cows and sheep. in that its a very holistic approach to farming and it is absolutely founded on diversity.stereotype: women sew, andholistic approach to farming men [farm]. But theres nothingand it is absolutely founded on inherently hard about runningdiversity: diversity of species, equipment. Theres no genderdiversity of micronutrients required for that.in the soil, diversity of forage, diversity of stacked enterprisesHas the number of women [raising multiple species on the in farming changed sincesame land]. And I think that you started?transcends into the diversity of Without a doubt. When I started,humans, like whos involved in right after collegeI knewregenerative agriculture. lots of wives of farmers but notIt would be very odd if that women who were the personwerent the case considering in charge on the farm. Therethat diversity is the key to are so many women leaders inregenerative agricultureits agriculture now. And especiallythe antithesis of a monoculture.regenerative agriculture. What advice would you give Why do you think that is?a woman starting a career in Do you think regenerativeagriculture?agriculture is different inI would say consider looking that way? at regenerative agriculturalId say come on in; I do feel like regenerativeenterprises and practicestheres room for everyone. agriculture is not only morethat are by nature welcomingFor a woman going into welcoming, but its moreand diverse. [Id say] thatfarming, theres no time inclusive in that its a veryreally the doors wide open.better than now.nHEIFER.ORG |19'