b'Where bias holds them back from income, independence and opportunity, women are banding together and blazing a new trail.ByGAURISHA MALHOTRA World Ark writer and HARINA KAUR OBEROI World Ark contributorPhotographs by PRANAB K. AICHDRAPED IN A TRADITIONAL INDIAN SAREE AND CARRYING A SATCHEL OF CHARTS AND FOLDERS, Chhoti Kumari leaves her home every day and strides the village trails of Bihar, India to reach groups of women and girls eagerly awaiting her arrival. Chhoti is their window to the world of ideas, growth, self-reliance and empowerment: Chhoti is a community trainer.Community trainers are Heifers frontline workers, trained and mentored by Heifer experts to become agents of change in their communities. They are dynamic individuals, often women, who belong to the same region, are well-versed in its social and cultural beliefs and are passionate about channeling development in their communities.When I joined, I received many trainings, shared Chhoti, who was recruited for the role by a Heifer India project in 2020. I was trained in Heifers Cornerstones, animal management, self-help group management and others. Now, I take these trainings to other women in my village. And I want to do this work because I want the women of my village to become self-reliant. HEIFER.ORG |11'