b'Quick Facts About NepalA reliable water source means a more abundant harvest and a greater income for Tara and her family of 10. Agriculture provides employment to two-thirds This region is very fertile and we of Nepals population and contributes to 36% can produce copious quantities of the countrys gross domestic product.of vegetables. We are hoping tohelp more farmers becomevegetable entrepreneurs.In Nepal, womensGEETA B.K., COOPERATIVE MANAGER participation in agriculture increased from 36% in 1981 to more than 50% in 2016, despite women owning less than 20% of farmland.The per capita income in Nepal is $1,190.Nepal is home to eight of the worlds 14 highest peaks, including Mt. Everest. In Nepali, Everest is known as Sagarmatha, which Tara harvests pointed gourds with help from other memberstranslates to Forehead of the Sky.of the agricultural cooperative.HEIFER.ORG |23'