b'for the record FACTS & FIGURESThe Power of the Cow Young female cowsheifersare an important part of our Passing on the Gift methodology. When farmers gift their animals female offspring, itbuilds social capital and helps build community- wide food security and opportunity.For many of the more than 500 million smallholder farmers across the globe, livestock like cows open doors to prosperous, poverty-free lives. When families receive or invest in an animal, it becomes a reliable source of savings, nutrition and income to overcome challenges and continue on the path to a productive future. EconomicRecession PHOTO BY MOSHI J. LUKINDOFood, Family and FarmingFact Since 1944, HeiferAt their home in southwestern has conducted overTanzanias Rungwe district, 1.5 million hours Dairy animal ownershipRebecka, pictured above, and her of training to helpand household milk rural farmers keepproduction are associatedhusband, Evenule, not shown, raise their animals healthywith better child anddairy cows among a plantation of and productive. family diets, particularlybananas, tea and coffee.during times of foodHealth Before connecting with Heifer, scarcity, like theCrisis they struggled to collect enough School COVID-19 pandemic. milk and earn a decent income to Fees support their six children.For families like theirs, who live in rural regions and often struggle with high instances of malnutrition, cows milk is a readily available and affordable part of a growing childs diet and development. Milk is an Climate excellent source of nutrients, Shock including vitamins D and B12, calcium, phosphorous and protein.Heifers training on proper livestock care, including feeding, hygiene and improved breeding practices, gave Rebecka and Food Evenule the tools they needed to Insecurity improve their animals production Livestock are an important part of Heifers work withand change their familys health for Animal waste does not go to waste in ourcommunities worldwide because we understandthe better.programs. Instead, manure is a resource to fertilizeWhen we milk our cows, said crops and power clean cooking stoves, benetingthe short- and long-term benets of agriculture,Evenule, we receive the best milk the environment and the community. including food and income.that is rich and sweet.6|SUMMER 2023 DESIGN BY JOHN JORDAN DESIGN'