b'nearly 16 gallons, which they sold for 150 lempira, around $6, per liter. The money was reinvested in a rural bank where farmers pool their money and provide low interest loans to each other. The group hopes to use their savings to expand their beekeeping operations.Kellyn appreciates her grandmothers resolution to inspire youth. She is an elderly person who likes to get involved in everything that is good to the local community, she said.Rosa and Kellyn now keep bees and pigs, graze their cows on healthy pastures and Rosa, center, with her granddaughter,earn additional income by providing Kellyn Castro, Kellynsextension services to other producers in the husband Franklincommunity. With the milk from their cows, Rivas and their 8-month-old son, Ian. they prepare cuajada, a variety of traditionally made cheesea dish Kellyns 8-month-old son, Ian, relishes.Before Heifer we didnt know things likeand techniques to prevent diseases in bees. HeiferRosa no longer dreams of becoming a working properly with cows, said Kellyn. If theyhas also distributed 450 two-level honey producingnurse, but she hasnt given up on the future. got sick we just tried to get rid of them because webeehives. Currently, 32 field schools in OlanchoShe wants her grandson Marvin to pursue his couldnt find a cure or how to fix it. Now withproduce nearly 14,000 bottles of honey a year,interest in robotics, and she now envisions Heifer we know about diseases cattle get, how toproviding supplementary income to farmerhaving a local secondary school that will help treat it, how to treat deficiencies. households and populating pastures with thesethe upcoming generations access education Rosa and Kellyn can now identify conditionsprolific pollinators.and follow their dreams. With Heifers help, like mastitis, or inflammation of the mammary[In] Honduras throughout the years, youngshe believes it will happen.nglands in cattle that leads to decreased milkpeople areleaving their towns, villages, shared production, and know how to treat it. This allowsOlman Gaitan, livestock chain specialist at Heifer them to support cattle farmers in raising healthyHonduras. Heifers technical assistance andTOPanimals that provide nutritious milk and additionalentrepreneurship training have allowed them toKellyn feeds a calf mineral income to their families. continue working in livestock in their homesalts from a bowl.Heifer has also been trying to revitalize acommunities, he added. MIDDLE LEFTprofitable but dying industry in Honduras:As a trained animal health service provider, Kellyn can beekeeping, a practice that was virtuallyForging New Paths identify common health abandoned in several departments in 2012 after aTo generate employment opportunities within herconditions in livestock and disease named Nosema killed many bees.community, Rosa started a youth-led beekeepingprovide timely treatment to avoid mortality or disease To support beekeepers, Heifer organizedinitiative with the help of Heifer. She now helps aoutbreaks at local farms. training sessions for Farmer Field Schools onsmall group of young people manage 13 beehives.MIDDLE RIGHTbeehives, sanitation, honey production, processingThe group recently harvested 60 liters of honey,Rosa holds a bottle of natural plant fertilizer she produces with the members of her Farmer Field School.BOTTOMBefore Heifer we didnt know things like working properlyRosa enters the cost of veterinary medicines in her with cows. If they got sick . we couldnt find a cure or how to fixledger book. Through the project, Rosa and other it. Now we know about diseases cattle get, how to treat it. members of her community received training in business record-keeping which helpsKELLYN CASTRO them track production, sales, cash flow and net profits.14| SUMMER 2023 HEIFER.ORG |15'