b'first person WORLD ARK IS MOVING ONLINEDear Friends, Since 1999, World Ark magazine has brought you stories of impact from our work around the globe.Half the Sky Excerpt: Kristof, WuDunn Champion Women | 47Weve always sought to share compelling examples in these pages about how your generous support forTHE MAGAZINE OF HEIFER INTERNATIONALHOLIDAY 2009Heifer International helps smallholder farmers buildHEIFER UGANDAMORE THAN better futures for themselves, their families andANIMALS| 10others in their communities.For Child Soldiers,FUTURES ABUZZ Innocence Lost| 22Were deeply grateful for your keen interest in ourKosovo War Widows mission of Passing on the Gift to millions of peopleRebuild| 38who are striving to lift themselves out of poverty andTHE MAGAZINE OF HEIFER INTERNATIONAL Positive|WITH POSSIBILITYensure their children have enough to eat every day so they can succeed in school and later in life. While the team at World Ark remains laser- ForcesHeifers 2009 Holiday y SPRING 2021 HEIFER.ORGreal people focused on bringing you a peoples eye view of | 27 Changing Gift Catalogthe WorldHeifers work, we recognize that times have changedMIXEd BlESSINGS A PIlGrIM AT rESTsepTemBer/oCToBer 2006Discusses Biofuels Thurl Metzger Lester Brown Dies at 90in the publishing world. These changes allow us toFAL 2019 |HEIFER.ORG When you include Heifer in your estate plans, you ensure our stability without STRENGTH IN A Matter ofTHE FACE OF bring you more stories in creative formats that areSurvival ADVERSITYCARINGFrom Farmsacrificing your own. There are many ways you can combine your desire to giveHEIFER CAMBODIA6 RENEWING THE EARGENERATH TIVE to Market in also more cost-effective.FORCambodiaTHROUGH REAGRICULTUREANIMALS SHADOW OF CONFLICT30 REBUILDING IN THE Were very excited to announce that the next issue38 SACRED COW DOCUMENTARYto Heifer with your overall estate planning and financial goals.LOCKS HORNS WITH BEEF DETRACTORSwill be a digital World Ark. This issue youre currentlyPLU PLUS FF S o RN r Secaakts oe an nd Auothd Ao dvpoHEIFER TUS 75anniver ate our diamond Celebr sary with a U.S. Farming glimpse into our past10 IMPROIMPOVERVINISG MHED CENTOAML HMUENALITH ITIESN reading will be the last print edition you receive.HEIBFEEAR GR GOIAFTTS SASKED & ANSWEREDH 30 COFFEE AT A CROSSROADSMAY/JUNE 2005FOR CHINESE FAMILY W TO C 44 LOST CHILDREN ARCHIVE REVIEWTHOE WORLHDANGE This change has not been an easy decision, but we believe that digital distribution is the right step forward. Beyond the new creative horizons it offers,information, call us at 855.9HUNGER (855.948.6437) or another key driver is the bottom line: costs of theemail worldark@heifer.org. Leave a giftName Heifer as aMake a giftEarn income and receiveLeave Heifer three Pspaper, printing and postagehave risenWe recognize change is hard, however it is anto Heifer inbeneficiary (IRA,through youra tax deduction with agifts of real exponentially in recent years with no relief in sight.integral part of our work to adapt and learn so that weyour will orretirement accounts,donor-advisedcharitable gift annuityestate or Rising costs are no stranger to the communities weremain true to our vision and devote as much of ourtrust life insurance) fund or charitable trust stocksserve, and such cost-cutting decisions reinforce ourtime and resources to our goal of a world free of hunger commitment to helping more farming families meetand poverty.their needs as they build resilience. This is an exciting time of creativity and change, Here at Heifer, were dedicated to sustainability.and we welcome your feedback on what youd like toMeet Edith, Lubia and Clara: three women shattering gender We know manufacturing and transporting thissee in digital World Ark. Send us an email at worldark@ stereotypes in a beekeeping cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico. magazine generates plenty of emissions thatheifer.orgwed love to hear from you. Beekeeping is traditionally viewed as a male occupation, but contribute to pollution and climate change. While theWe hope youll enjoy reading the digital version ofthese three women are forging their own path. After seeing impacts arent large on a global scale, we want tothis magazine just as much as we love telling storiesClara, Edith and Lubia succeed, other women in the village make every effort possible to abide by ourabout our work! started to question the stereotypes holding them back. Not commitment to caring for the Earth. Its what weonly have the three women inspired others, theyve also equip our farming partners to do on their own land,Yours sincerely, and we should be equal stewards. increased the prices they receive for their honey by 280%.You will receive your next digital issue of World Ark via email. Please visit Heifer.org/WorldArk or scanYour gifts to Heifer Foundation set the futuresthe QR code on this page to ensure we have yourPeter Goldstein of women like these abuzz with possibility.current email address. If you need furtherWorld Ark publisherFOR MORE Debbie McCullough|501.907.492224| SUMMER 2023 INFORMATIONdebbie.mccullough@heiferfoundation.org'