b'NonprofitOrganization1 World Avenue U.S. PostageLittle Rock, AR 72202/USA PAIDHeifer InternationalScan here to learn more about Heifers work supporting farming families.THIS MAGAZINE IS MADE FROM 100% RECYCLABLE MATERIALS. PLEASE RECYCLE OR PASS ON TO A FRIEND. 69.RPWASU2023Improving Financial Access for Smallholder FarmersBy Esther Kahinga | May 4, 2023For many of the worlds smallholder farmers, financial inclusion is a pathyway from poverty to prosperity.Access to affordable inancial products and serviceslike savings, credit and insuranceare often the difference between living hand-to-mouth on meager returns and running a profit- We cant t all the tales of courage and progress into this magazine. Join us on Heifers blog to read new stories every week about the people and programs your generous gifts support. Visit HEIFER.ORG/BLOG or scan the QR code with the camera on your mobile device.'